Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Year leap

I know its been a while sense I wrote a new post on this blog , its not cuz i gave up on it i just had a busy last year... so here is a speedy update on what be going on in my life sense my last blog..

well to start off I married TinTin with my baby sister Kara as maid of honor.

then shaved my head got a job at the Once great Ralph's Comic Corner and now the more gamer Geek headquarters Seth's Games and Anime .. and yes I made that Catman shirt you want so bad ;D

Had a baby ( ya she fell out of me) named Darkstar , after the cult film .

if you have no idea what this film is just watch it..do it.. don't think about it..just let it happen.

went threw a shit load of hair styles, then found out dying my hair black with a button up makes me look like Tony Stark.

there was alot of fab Holiday fun all mushed into a very stressful moving proses.

My room before the move

got a tv and clock upgrade with enuff room to layout my Yo and shelfs for my comics:3


first Halloween as a married woman , went bar hopping along with winning Best Costume in each one. can you guess who we are?
We sawinged and sawong all over the dance floor and kept in character for so long we were sore the next day:p
we ended up winning a donuts maker , bath salts, and 100 bucks.

another Big milestone is i carved my first Jack-o-lantern!! it was stinky!!

Darkstar agreed, sniff sniff sniff

my mum in-law had to step in, I was making a mess playing with the pumpkin guts and making people smell my hands.

they kinda ended up looking like us when we were done....

later we snagged some cheep masks and went trick-or-treating with my nephew and friend bangs, scored some wieners !!

stuffed our faces in candy and watched a shitty red riding hood film..the end!

Thankskilling Day

Ate alot while other people starve in the true American sprite!
I usullay don't beleave in celebrating Thanksgiving do to the horrible raping and killing involved to the poor native AMERICAN folk by settlers and that most American tribe reservations can't even afford warm homes let alone a feast like most people take for granted.

cool thing I notest about the Cornelius clan I married into is that they are not only descendents of native American blood (mixed with European with i forget what tribe) but also know how to celebrate a holidy Right By Assembling a family gathering at LOS CON!

thats right there Thanksgiving family tradition is to gather at a SiFi Convention!!

Holy shit! how badass nerdy is that!
I killed my hair till gummie and couldn't dye it black in time to make a descent Spock but the hubby wants what the hubby wants so i went with it.


Aaron had a beard baby that i'm shour added 10 pounds to his face... it was a Christmas miracle!
Christmas eve we went with my second oldest sister Micayla and my wild nephew to the candy cane lane in Oxnard.
the adorable little demon told Aaron to divorce me every chance he could then tryed to clime the trees in peoples yards while waving a stick around like it was a gun ^-^

highlight of the night is when i told him if he didn't stop acting up i wasn't going to give him the prez i got him, his answer was " if you don't give me a present i will tell everyone you steal drugs and then you'll be arrested and then Aaron will divorce you !!" then close it with " Happy Bibble"
it was very much time to sleep after that venture.

stayed at my Dad's house on christmas eve.
best part was waking up same time a my nephew robbie and then jumping on the bed to wake Aaron up by screaming "ITS CHRIIIIIIIISSTMAASSSSSSS!"

I think deep down Aaron thought it was fun too :3

I made Robbie a hat and bought Aaron a Xbox360 cuz i'm awsome like that.

like most people Darkstar almost killed herself on Christmas day .
I'm very thankful for my holidays last year, they were magical and filled with suger:)