Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2010 Comic Con

It's been a very long time sense i last posted..(not that anyone reads this thing ) but I have wonderful news from Comic Con 2010 for thoughs that don't already know ;)

I'll start with the beginning..
me and my boyfriend Aaron woke up at 4am to make are way to San Diego to help my friend Douglas Pasz with his booth at Comic Con..
what i thought would be a easy task of moving boxes ended up killing me and Aaron when we got there , while poor Aaron had to hall heavy boxes threw ditsy nerds i had to watch over the boxes in the freezing cold.. now this sounds like a easy thing to get threw but put in mind we haven't eaten or slept in sense 4am and we arrived at noon.. so I end up stacking all the boxes in the shape of a coach and falling asleep on them on a public sidewalk like a hobo, mouth open and most likely drooling, as for Aaron when we finished so was he.

( this is Aaron past out behind the booth)

we then had to leave and eat something after all the merch was on the table, it gets a little fuzzy what we did next i just remember waiting in Aarons car for Doug to get to the hotel so we could find out where we were staying.. i think we slept in his car for what seemed like forever..

Day 1

Costume: Dex-Star

made the hat out of yarn:)

I realize i don't look like a cat but I was afraid of coming off too "furry"

for those of you that don't know who Dex-star is here is a pic i took of his Action figure:)

I ran into a creepy old man that was wearing a Red lantern T with a Dex-star Quote on it,
it would be all well and good if he didn't grab my camera out of my hands and give it to working people in the booth and demand they take a pic ....

coolist part is me and F&*king Geoff Johns!!
I later that day saw him at a DC panel and asked him on mic if I could ever get to look forword to seeing Streeky the super cat Battle Dex-star!!
He said "ABSOLUTELY" unfortunately I forgot to ask if DC plans to show what happen to Plastic man after his heart got ripped out:(

day 2

that is my buddie Doug with the spider-man t on :)
i got anxiety attacks having to talk to people to sale Comics , at one moment I got really dizzy and ended up having heat stroke , luckaly for me Aaron got me water and food and calmed me down....

Aaron and I took a breather and walked about the Con.

Costume: Streaky The Super cat

(bluh i hate my nose)

once again not my best Costume but i was scared of being to "furry"

as much as I tryed not to attract Furrys huge lady dressed as a raccoon in a rascal came up to me as i was drinking from the drinking fountain and petted my tail :(
but on a lighter note I bumped into Geoff Johns again while I was running down the walk ways with my arms up saying "wooooooosh!"

then i ran into this awsome guy!

I later got super sad when I found out the Big Bang Theory Panel got canceled!!
I have the Hugest Fan crush on Sheldon Cooper and Howard Wolowitz <3>

later I found out they were doing a sighing , I was on a mission I had to get a autograph!!
I waited for 3 hours in line to get in another line just to get cut off :.( I was the sadist kitten in the whole world that day plus my friend Doug got all pissed for being gone so long...

if anything i at lest got a Sheldon T-shirt on premier night in a size SMALL....that right found a size small at comic con!! (but still huge)

Day 3

day didn't start so good, I got shooting pains in my back and intestine, threw up a few times and not being in the best mood .
Aaron didn't get any sleep and was sore all over with a bad head ache..

I also got the news from me mum that i mite not have a home when I got back from Comic Con and on the News it said that North Korea declared war on the U.S. and s
outh Korea so I was freaking out!

I don't remember much but there was also a Fight between my Friend Doug and me over the fact that I wasn't working hard enuff and that my memory is really bad.
Aaron and I ended up taking a breather and walk about the Con.

I calmed down after a bit of walking and took some pics of my Costume.

Costume: Commander Keen

nobody recognized my costume except a group of male Asian nerds that were all clustered together and talked to me about Rocko's modern life:)

then I finally got my pic with Sheldon Cooper<3>

as we walked about we came across a vender selling copper jewelry and like the nerds we are I said in my very Retainer lisped voice " ooh look copper rings!"

Aaron :" want one? it would be perfect for you arthritis!"

Kempo : "your right and it matches my medical bracelet!"

the only thing missing from that was a inhaler going off ..

after Aaron romantically bought me the ring we sat on a cold balcony eating dry sandwiches, as we were leaving to go back and help Doug with his booth Aaron whipped his head around and looked at me , then he said " there is something I need to tell you!"

At first I thought he ripped his I asked " whats wrong?"
he then Hugged me so hard and said " you know that I love you more then anything right? I love you so much!"

Me: " I love you too , I know"

Aaron: " good cuz there is something I need to ask you and I think this is the perfect time"

before I could think or say anything Aaron dropped down on one knee and pulled out a box and in a very Cracked voice he said -

" KEeEemmPOoO , WWIIiilll you MAarrry meeEEee?"

I was so Surprised I started to shack all over then I screamed " Aaron Cornelius OF COURSE I'LL MARRY YOU!!" that's when a thousand clicks went off as photographer around us took pics.

right after I said yes he called his mum to confirm the mission was success.

that's right Bitch my name is "Kempo Cornelius" *explosion!!!*

After the the main floor Closed me and my fiance desided to celebrate with tasty foods and a night on the town!!

I have no idea where this is..

this awesome guy was singing about booty loving and his penis shacking, thats my jam!

we ended up eating at this nice Japanese restraint and ordered Korean food XD

Aaron bought me a rose that steamy stack of pancakes;)

after walking about on very sore feet Aaron pooped out really fast witch was too bad cuz I really wanted to dance, but as we were walking to the trolley a crazy man spit at me and ended up waking up everyone when we got back , felt really bad.

Day 4

we died and came back as broused zombies to sell comics.
we both got really horrably sick and had to leave early but managed to make a really bad desistion to get ice cream before we left.. I seemed like a good idea at the time and fun.

The ride home
at the parking lot next to the border I stripped down to my unders and Changed into a skirt and tank top, I didn't care about anything being so sick and boiling but Aaron was a gentle man and turned his back while i dressed :)

we ended up being so tired and out of it we stayed at Aaron's good freid's place and forced him to eat a wedding fish.

the next day we felt sooo much better from sleeping in and playing with this bearded guy's snakes in his shop we got a Tommy burger!!

i like being a dashboard hog :P

It was a ruff trip but soooo worth it<3 <3

I'm not sour if I made this Blog readable but I'm very happy to write all about my nerdy Engagement :)


  1. I enjoyed the entire post, Kempo. A neat set of photos and fun information about the trip.

  2. @wayne thank you very much :)

    ooh Did I mention Geoff Johns Twitterd that I rock!!
    Can't wait to see Streaky the super cat Battle Dex-star!

    I just hope Krypto isn't in it....I hate that guy..

  3. Love your costumes, so low key and streamlined.

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