Monday, March 19, 2012

Imortent tips on packing meals for Comic Conventions

poor nerds around the world check it!
if your on a small budget but still NEEEED to go cosplay and nerd the hell out at a Comic/SiFi Con ,I have a few tips to make the Con more pleasant when it comes to eating and saving money.

things you need to get started:
lunch bags

first tip,
if you need to keep some things a bit cool do NOT use ice in your Cooler instead go to the 99cent store of dollartree and pick up the Packaged bottled water and then throw half of them in the freezer the night before and the other half in the frig.
when your packing up just line the frozen bottles on the bottom of the cooler and the cooled bottles on the top of your food so there is no mess and soggyness.

Second tip:
i know the first thing people think to pack of road trips and ventures is PB&J sandwiches, there okay but to me Peanut butter is the worst smell coming from anybodys mouth asking if they can take a pic with me in my cosplay:p
instead I found that making Pizza bagels is more satisfying and more filling plus you can eat it hot or cold .
for less mess what i do it toast the bagels first then add the sauce and cheese, if you need more veg in your diet i would recommend slicing zucchini and squash on top they last pritty well unrefrigerated and tasty.
just place two slices of pizza bagel facing each other in a zipplock and your set!! no mess!

third tip:
its obvious that apples and carrots are a good snack, but what about Rice balls?!
rice balls are a great meal idea!
Click here for recipe

fouth tip:
do not prepack your food in little lunch bags , if your staying in a hotel just leave your food in cooler or mini frig and when you are getting ready to go to the con just pop open the bags and let you friends or hubby pick out what they want for there lunch , nothing sucks more then getting hungry at a con and finding all you have to eat is a bag of stuff handed to you that your not feeling up to eating..
trust me my dad used to pull that shit on me all the time.. dried fish and a sarroundwrap of peanut butter on a spoon with a V8 is NOT a meal DAD! (sorry)

looking at this post it dosn't seem like a lot of tips but trust me eatting well puts everyone in a better mood for having a good time specially if you have a whiny bitch coming with you cuz he/she said they would help with gas or a ride....i'm shour we'v all been there...

Please if you also have really good tip or ideas for traval food feel free to share them on the Comments area i'd love to know what you have to say:3

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