Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why dose DC keep Dropping the Ball on PlasticMan!?

okay, okay ,

During Justice League: Cry for Justice aftermath, Plastic Man had a run-in with Prometheus that badly damaged his plastic body, making it difficult for him to even hold himself together.

In Blackest Night crossover, Plastic Man had his heart torn out by the Black Lantern Vibe, seemingly killing him. However, due to his powers, he was able to survive such an attack, albeit badly wounded...

Why dose DC feel I don't want to read a full comic on the details of Plastic man's Health in that Huge Moment in the DC universe!?!?

Blackest Night JLA #39

not even a Fallow up in the next issue about Plas or side story on how he is doing:(
as i big Plastic man Fan i feel Jipped!

I'm just sick of Plas not getting the respect he deserves in the DC universe, I think he should have as much importance as Superman or Batman when it comes to a story where he gets injured .

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Click here if you don't know who Plastic man is<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

In 2006, This unaired 10-minute pilot — which features the voices of Tom "SpongeBob" Kenny and Dave "Joey from Full House" Coulier as Archie the cop — was commissioned by Warner Brothers and Cartoon Network.

THANK GOD IT DIDN"T AIR!! Plastic Man was a 4o's GANSTER!! not Bozo the clown!! STOP LETTING TOM KENNY VOICING HIM!

another thing much like Kyle Baker Plasic Man comics I don't care much for the wacky Saturday morning cartoon look for a Plas comic or cartoon.
I always thought the cool thing about Plastic Man was he was the Only Cartoon like element in a serious comic booky type world, gave him more of a edge.

Then Comic Con Around.
and what did I see on the side of the convention building?!

when i saw that I was all "OOH SNAP!"
The programing said there would be a sneak preview and i was so dressed to see that!

and I wasn't the only one..

Seth green even asked to take a pic with me and my friend

Only prob was I ran late to see the preview and bumped into a guy who thought he was really batman..
he asked me who i was and when i said Plastic man he said "Welcome to the team!"
i ran with him threw the halls looking for the B&B preview room but was too late .
when the security told us we couldn't go in the bat guy side " But this show is about me, I'm in this one!" i kinda sneak left..
But I am happy I missed the show because when i saw it on Cartoon Network I was pissed!!
in the show Apparently Plas was part of a " KIT GANG" and Batman pushed him in the acid.
that is utter Bullshit!

Plus guess who voiced Plas.....TOM KENNY! >:(

This episode is kinda cool but i'm not so much a fan of the organs ep.
good to see Woozy winks in it.

I never took to Hula Hula in the old Hanna Barbara looking cartoon

as cheesy as this old one is I still love it all the same i just have grate memory's of being a child watching this everyday:P

I know this is a sloppy long tangent but I wish there were more Plastic Man Respect.
the stupid question I have to answer like
" isn't Plastic Man a rip off of Mr. Fantastic..?" <--(dumb surfer voice) let me just say NO!! Plas first appeard in Police comics in 1941 as for Fantastic Four that was published 1961!! Plus Mr. Fantastic can only stretch and Plastic man can mold into anything he wants like a couch or a just shift his face to look like a someone else The only limitation he has relates to color, which he cannot change without intense concentration. He generally does not use this ability and sticks to his red and yellow colored uniform. another sad part of being a Plas fan is not to much merchandise or toys. Although resonantly i found Targets beautiful variaty DC toys!
Mattel 's JLU Fan Collection three packs at Target! Plas comes single or in a pack!!

though i'm not that much into the Brave and the bold show I can't help but want the toys!

unfortunately being a girl Comic book nerd leaves you only two choices if your looking to wear comic shirts, you ether cut down a huge Man-geek sized T or Make your own!

I'm up for any Challenge !! bring it on Bitches!

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