Thursday, May 6, 2010

FU ! A comic by Kempo

All the Art and story on this page is By Kempo...FACT!!

What your About to read is a Unfinished First color and Panel test of a comic I'll been working on Called "FU", I've been debating wether not to finish this strip as a full comic or not...

Story wise it involves Beating up Carlos Mencia for being a Dick along with Dane Jeffrey Cook to offer to Angry Mexicans that will in return give the main characters free churros ...

It is entitled " FAT IMPOSTER"

I am posting this as input, only you could help me decide if i should finish this strip or not to published into a new Variety Comic book I'm Invalved in Called " Meats On The Bed" along with Sexy Artist Aaron Cornilius , The Elegant Weshoyot Alvitre , and the Bloodthirsty Ryan Genovese.....

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