Friday, May 21, 2010

F&$K you Life, I'm Trying to Read TankGirl!

I have long been a fan of Tank girl and the Work of Jamie Hewlett ever Sense the day I went Rummaging threw a odd pile of comics in a failing book store in Ventura's local mall.

I was just entering middle school and wanted something to read during lunch, not even looking at the cover to open the book at a spread of Tanks , Boobs , penises , bears with Afros and Kangaroo men with guns. ( whats not to like?)

later My dad rented the Tank Girl movie on laser-disc,
Happiness fallowed.... Getting into High school I spent all my lunch money on just comics and Bjork CDs .....busted my self open a fue times trying to read comics and walk home at the same time.
( don't try that)

Collage , my first Comic Con... Guess who my First Cosplay was?

you know you love it ;)

over the years the costume gets less shitty..
Rockets Made by Mike Morales !

(I'm very short..) i have yet to master the Tankgirl Style!

Any who! later I found out there was going to be a NEW Tank Girl drawn by Ashly Wood.
In theory this would be Awesome.
reality the comic was Bullshit! story goes that Tank Girl SELLS HER TANK so its just girl.
everything about that is insanity! also to the art it was drawn like a discarded sketchbook:(

now no bad feeling to Ashly but its hard to go from this-

then to this :P -

now some of you that don't read Tank girl probably think there is nothing wrong here..

The story of Tank girl is there is no real story, its was a comic of "the sky is the limit" plot mixed with detailed art and Wimsey with a NeoPunk mentality.

But now it seems to be a strain of where can i draw someone farting in a very American pie/something about Mary type of way...and the Wimsey...Gone... punk ..gone..

new artist is boring!!! Boring!!

It seem if you want things done "right" ya gotta do it yourself!
a few issues back I decided to send Titan Books My art, it ended up being Published in the back of the Tank Girl: Skid marks 3 of 4 !

It kinda got me thinking ... Maybe I should draw my own Tank Girl Comic and send it in!
now I know I'm no Jamie Hewett but if I can pull off anything coming from sending a Fan Comic then HOLY SHIT I'm DOING IT! XD

I'm going to start story boarding after finishing FU! : Big fat impostor then sending it to Titan Books.. If nothing at lest I tried to save my Fav Comic :)

So far I'm just trying to get Tank girl's look down with Doodles .

hopefully at some point of my life I'll get to draw for all my Fav comics!
YES, indulge my delusions!! Send me suggestions! I am interested in all your opinion as long as they involve you thinking this is a awesome idea! XD

by kempo

P.S. Tank Girl : Apocalypse NEVER HAPPENED! Its was just a nightmare, go back to bed.


  1. I absolutely agree, Apocalypse is shit. Wood just didn't get it and i don't know what the hell Alan Martin was thinking. I stumbled across your blog whilst looking for ideas for my halloween costume this year... tank girl, duh and must totally give you props. Great job. Now, the real question is who this mike morales and/or what those rockets are made out of ? cause they certainly look better than anything i probably could do out of papier mache...

    1. i think he used plaster and two soda bottles..