Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who are you showing your Boobs too?

Welcome to one of my many paranoid assumptions about male Doctors.
Something about having a man looking at me like for instance if i came in for breast exam, Doctors are not robots made to scan heath then return into a box at the end of the day.

Just because a person is medically treated with the best Know-How in the world doesn't mean they don't go home and do the most perverse , creepy shit imaginable.

The weird thing is I'm more uncomfortable with the thought of having to go to the Clinic for a "lady-bit check up" from a straight Male Doctor then a lesbian Doctor with a missing eye.

( for those of you that don't know me I'm a boring Straight Virgin lady )

life is Scarier when you got something you want to keep till after marriage , Plus , I got Trust Issues.. Gonna be honest... But ya got to ask your self ..who are you really showing your junk to?


  1. Is that a dildo on the shelf behind him?

    1. why yes, how nice of you to notes :)
      i also drew a rubber fist.

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